From the editor's desk; A true story by a.j. Lombardi


The comedian Rodney Dangerfield had a famous one-liner (I get no respect)! As a new author, I got to know what that really meant last summer. While sitting on the beach enjoying a martini with a group of friends, I noticed a woman reading a book that I had written (The Godfather connection). I politely turned to her and said, "I wrote that book." She turned to me, rolled her eyes, and snapped, "No, you didn't!" Her boyfriend also gave me a snarling look as if to say "What are you trying to pull here buddy?" Felling a little awkward, I thought for a moment and softly replied, "Why is my name on the cover?" To that, she  lowered the book (I WROTE) turned to me, and  yelled, "That's not you!" At that, I took another sip at my martini, looked at the ocean before me, and laughed to myself with a proper understanding of Rodney Dangerfield's one-liner, "I get no respect!"


You didn't write that book!!!