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The Old Neighborhood


Copyright © 2020 by a.j. Lombardi all rights reserved.


The old neighborhood I remember it well

Oh, the stories that she could tell


Backyards, streets, fields and lawns

Some still there but most are gone


We played with vigor we laughed and cried

We had some fights, but no one died


The mailman, the barber, a penny candy store

Some good old memories but there no more


We played outside into the night

A shooting star zooms out of sight


Girls with dolls and boys with bats

Little kids with cowboy hats


The cranky neighbor stay off his lawn

The lawns still there and he’s all gone


A snowball fights a sled to slide

Friends were true stood side by side


Thinking back the years gone by

Some make us laugh some make us cry


The neighborhood and friends I remember well

Oh, the stories I could tell…